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We will not even claim that we love all forecasts and always wanted to know what awaits us in the near future. In terms of the first people who had such predictive skills, of course, were Roma. In their camps there was a carefree atmosphere of continuous holidays where guitar songs did not fade and the passion was in the air.

Such a gentlemanly and exciting kind of atmosphere can be found in this slot by Novomatic. Not surprisingly, developers are the main characters in presenting the charming gypsies. The coefficient of these characters is 500. However, if the screen logos games fall, it promises to increase the prize money of 1000, as we can only see the happiest luck, but do not hesitate to participate!

To fully experience the atmosphere of the game, it is better to first play this slot for free. In addition, both for new users and already for regular players, no need for registration or authentication. This means that you can look to the future at any time of the day or night. Do not miss a moment!

Whatever the original slot game Happy Rose may have been, it can not be too much of a total set of modern similar machines to fall. Before you have a typical five-drum model with dozens of paylines. This is the number of coins that you can bet on any of the illustrated lines that matches your playing style. The most attractive combination is considered to be the Five Roses portraits of the heroine.

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For the brave players risk play is put, which can increase clearly over the level of adrenaline in the body. The essence of the game is that the one who decided to play for the free slot machine Happy Rose, maybe like to fly, and get rich in a moment. It all depends on your luck. Grab the tail and break the bank!